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Geothermal Installation - Natural Source of Earth

Geothermal energy is a natural energy source that comes from the Earth. There is an abundance of thermal energy generated and stored beneath the Earth’s surface; since geothermal energy utilizes our planet’s natural heat, it is renewable. An overall savings in lifetime costs is one of the main advantages to install or retrofit all types of geothermal technology for both houses and commercial business facilities.
D.J.H. Mechanical Services Inc. understands the advantages of utilizing the earth’s natural energy. The nature of geothermal systems is valuable because it is  unlimited power source.  Geothermal energy directly produces heat; it is inexpensive compared to more traditional systems using fossil fuels.

Benefits of a Geothermal Heat Pump Installation

The benefits of geothermal heat pump installation are immeasurable. Because they are very efficient, they can save you a considerable amount of money over the course of time. Ground source heat pumps can save you up to 50 percent more on your electricity bills over any othertype of heating or cooling system. They are also much better for the environment as geothermal heat pumps cause very little air pollution as they do not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
D.J.H. Mechanical understands all aspects of the installation process of the geothermal system; contain heat pumps that are placed either inside of the building or underground. This is a less expensive way to maintain and protect the pumps from any inclement weather.
In addition, there is significant advantage of using geothermal energy; it produces almost no environmental pollution. The system is more efficient than oil or gas furnaces, and has the ability to heat a building or home evenly. Underground piping for geothermal systems can last over 60 years with no chimney or furnace to clean. The initial cost of incorporating the geothermal technology into an existing building may seem expensive at first; however, these expenses can be recuperated within 5 - 8 years. Once the calculation is complete, the lifetime savings far compensate the expenditure.

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